Full-Height Backsplashes are Trending

Did you know that you don’t have to settle for just a simple four-inch backsplash or a hard-to-clean grout and tile backsplash?

Today’s homeowners are enjoying more options when choosing backsplash applications for their kitchens and bathrooms. The latest look in home design is a full-height backsplash. So, if you love your countertops, why stop there?

A Full-Height Backsplash Adds a WOW Factor to Your Home

Kitchens and bathrooms are high-impact areas. So, homeowners are upgrading these spaces with full-height backsplashes that either match or complement their countertops.

Full-height backsplashes give your kitchen or bathroom a custom and completely seamless look with a matching backsplash cut from the same slab as your countertops. Some homeowners may prefer to choose their solid stone backsplash from a complementary color or pattern. So, you can go darker for your countertops and lighter for your backsplash, or vice versa.


Myths About Natural Stone

While natural stone surfaces have been making their way into mainstream homes over the past few decades, many homeowners still have some misconceptions about natural stone. Let’s talk about these natural stone myths and what you need to know.

Myth #1: Natural stone is expensive.

While you may find natural stone in nearly every high-end home, these materials are also very affordable for median-priced homes and smaller projects. Stone is available at several price points, and there are many beautiful styles and colors available in the low- to mid-price ranges. In addition, you may find remnant pieces leftover from previous jobs that can be used for a smaller project, such as a sink countertop. So, don’t cross natural stone off your list until you’ve received a quote for your specific project.


How to Protect Your Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops are a must-have for today’s homeowner, whether building a newly constructed home or planning a home renovation. While they’re not as maintenance free as some man-made materials, it’s still easy to protect your natural stone countertops from stains. The great news is that natural stone countertops are more heat-resistant and scratch-resistant than man-made options. Let’s look at the following simple tips to keep your natural stone as new as the first day it was installed.


Granite Countertops: The Most Durable for Your Kitchen

Granite countertops are the most durable for your kitchen when compared to other natural and manmade surfaces. If you are considering countertop materials for your kitchen renovation or upgrade, you’ll definitely want to put granite at the top of your list.

How Are Granite Countertops More Durable Than Other Materials?


The Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Are you considering using marble in your next home renovation or upgrade? There are different schools of thought on the use of marble in different areas of the home. So, we’re taking the time to provide the most valuable information to you to assist in your decision-making process. Let’s look at the pros and cons of marble countertops in the home.

The Pros of Marble Countertops


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We had been wanting granite countertops for quite awhile. Had checked around for prices, drove past Marble Granite World one day when I was with my husband and asked him if he wanted to stop in there. Anise was there, we liked him alot from the beginning. He gave us...

John & Sherry

We checked around with several Granite companies before going to Marble &Granite World. I could not have been more pleased than we were. Anise kept his appointment time with us, as another Granite company did not. He was right on time...and did an awesome job. My kitchen is beautiful..he even...


We just had Marble Granite World replace our laminate counter tops with beautiful, exotic granite. It feels like we have a work of art from "Mother Nature" gracing our home. It has definitely improved the value of our home and made such a difference in the feel and function of...

Brenda and Jim

Had several estimates and saw some of the works by each, (seams were my main concern) and after viewing Marble Granite World was the hands down winner. All wanted to put long seams, which from their sample, one could spot from 30 feet away. Ask Anise if he could put...

The Burtons

Recently replaced my Corian countertops with granite. I researched the web, visited other suppliers read testimonials and decided to use Marble &Granite World because of the great attitude of Anise Hage. He was very helpful explaining the differences of the granite slabs,walking us through the installation process, offering suggestions and...