Are Granite Countertops Outdated In 2016?

We get asked a variety of questions in our showroom. One that is consistently raised is, “Are granite countertops outdated in 2016?” It may be asked in a few other ways as well, and we’ll provide insight into this and related questions.

In order for something to be considered outdated, it has to fall out of favor and be criticized by designers and the mainstream press. From a quick search of industry forums, real estate forums and websites like Houzz, we don’t have reason to think that it's falling out of favor.

The fact is, granite has been used for 1,000s of years by ancient civilizations for it’s beauty and durability. CounterIQ says that, “Long a consumer favorite, granite will remain a commonly requested countertop material for kitchens and baths [for 2016].”

Granite is still the material of choice for a large percentage of homeowners and it won’t lose its value because of the increased demand for quartz countertops. The natural beauty of the crystals and veining that make granite countertops so appealing, will keep making us fall in love with a certain color that the engineered stone manufactures haven’t figured how to copy.

Granite prices declined slightly over the last decade, making the material more widely available. As such, it's been the material of choice for consumers in recent years. Even though granite has become a little more commoditized, it has not fallen out of favor. In fact, “the continued mainstreaming of the material bodes well for overall granite countertop sales" says Freedonia analyst Pamela Safarek.

So, have granite countertops become less fashionable or less desirable? Not at all, in fact more customers are specifying granite countertops for use in their kitchens and bathrooms.

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The Christy‘s

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Elie Batouli

I built two new luxury houses on 10+acres each. My competition in the Chapel Hill area did not have granite countertops. I decided to check out Marble and Granite world for their excellent reputation, their great variety of products, knowledge, service and competitive prices. I was pleased with all the...

The Burtons

Recently replaced my Corian countertops with granite. I researched the web, visited other suppliers read testimonials and decided to use Marble &Granite World because of the great attitude of Anise Hage. He was very helpful explaining the differences of the granite slabs,walking us through the installation process, offering suggestions and...


We just had Marble Granite World replace our laminate counter tops with beautiful, exotic granite. It feels like we have a work of art from "Mother Nature" gracing our home. It has definitely improved the value of our home and made such a difference in the feel and function of...


We had been wanting granite countertops for quite awhile. Had checked around for prices, drove past Marble Granite World one day when I was with my husband and asked him if he wanted to stop in there. Anise was there, we liked him alot from the beginning. He gave us...