4 Pitfalls of Granite Countertop Installation and How to Avoid Them

The typical granite countertop involves several steps both in your home and in our showroom. Installation usually goes something like this:

Design Consultation
During the design consultation we work with you to understand your goals, style preferences, timing, and budget. If you have a kitchen project, you will also select an undermount sink from our collection of sinks.

Selecting the Slab
After we have spent some time understanding your personal style, your home and your budget we will look at the slabs we have on site in our granite yard to see if there is one for your project. More options can be viewed at our 3 local suppliers; they have warehouses with endless options. Selecting the slab is important because each color can vary when compared to samples or pictures.

Measuring & Templating of Your Countertops
Our staff will make an appointment to come to your house to laser template your countertops. Each kitchen layout is unique and no wall is perfectly straight. The laser templator ensures we are able to cut the granite as accurately as possible to conform to your kitchen. We are also able to do custom designs and curves with your granite.

Fabricating & Finishing Your New Granite Countertops
With the notes and measurements we head back to our shop and fabricate your new countertops. We will cut, grind, and polish the edge of the countertop to your specifications and accounting for your project’s measurements.

Installation of Your Granite Countertop
On the agreed to day, we will install your granite countertops. On-site adjustments to fit your kitchen or bath are not unusual. Installation is often noisy and can be a little messy. But, we keep things tidy. Our installation techs have many years of experience and will do their best to ensure your project is a success.

Top 4 Pitfalls of Granite Countertop Installation

With thousands of square feet of countertops installed each year we hear horror stories from installations gone wrong to shifty sales techniques and mis-information. Here’s our list of the most commonly heard pitfalls and how we avoid them at Marble Granite World.

Not Having an Idea of Color/Style
We are certainly qualified and experienced to help you find your ideal color and style. We love to see images you have gathered especially if you have magazine clippings or a Pinterest board where you’ve collected ideas. We also have some granite colors here. This really speeds up our ability to understand your personal style and help find the right granite slab for your countertops.

Not Viewing the Actual Slab for Your Project
Granite is a naturally occurring material. It is mined from the earth and there are vast differences in some varieties of granite. Some have more “movement” and include more minerals, mica and even fossils! We can’t emphasize this enough: if you are selecting a more expensive granite countertop with more interesting features, get the granite yard to tag the exact slab your countertops will be fabricated from. Also, talk about which direction the countertops pattern will “flow”.

Picking a Countertop Company Based Solely On Price
We understand that you have a budget; everyone does. If you are shopping strictly on price be careful. There may be some fine print or corners cut to deliver at the “amazing” price point. If the price seems that incredible some further questions are in order.

For example:

  • What is your guarantee?
  • What is your procedure for call backs, if I am unhappy?
  • Is your granite modular and not true slabs?
  • Is your granite seconds or otherwise, not first quality?
  • Are your granite countertops pre-cut and delivered fabricated to you?
  • Can you give me the names and contact information of some referrals?

Not Checking Referrals & Ratings
It’s essential to check the referrals and ratings of your countertop company on sites like Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Google and on their website.

Need some help deciding? Talk to a Marble Granite World Designer

About Marble Granite World
Marble Granite World is a family owned and operated business serving the Triad area since 1999. With over 40 years experience in the industry -- internationally and in the United States; we custom fabricate every granite, marble and quartz countertop at our factory in Kernersville.

We believe in top quality products and complete customer satisfaction are what set us apart from our competition and we prove this with each project.

With our experienced team and competitive prices, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of every step of the way.

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Brenda and Jim

Had several estimates and saw some of the works by each, (seams were my main concern) and after viewing Marble Granite World was the hands down winner. All wanted to put long seams, which from their sample, one could spot from 30 feet away. Ask Anise if he could put...

Mark Folsom

I recently had my kitchen counter tops replaced with beautiful granite by Marble Granite World. Mr Anise Hage was very professional and friendly as he handled the Laser measuring, custom cutting and installation of my counter tops. It was all done in a timely manner and I would recommend Marble...

The Burtons

Recently replaced my Corian countertops with granite. I researched the web, visited other suppliers read testimonials and decided to use Marble &Granite World because of the great attitude of Anise Hage. He was very helpful explaining the differences of the granite slabs,walking us through the installation process, offering suggestions and...


We had been wanting granite countertops for quite awhile. Had checked around for prices, drove past Marble Granite World one day when I was with my husband and asked him if he wanted to stop in there. Anise was there, we liked him alot from the beginning. He gave us...

Elie Batouli

I built two new luxury houses on 10+acres each. My competition in the Chapel Hill area did not have granite countertops. I decided to check out Marble and Granite world for their excellent reputation, their great variety of products, knowledge, service and competitive prices. I was pleased with all the...