Common Problems with Granite Countertops and How To Avoid/Fix Them

Granite is a durable material under most circumstances and will last for many years. Granite countertops can’t be matched for their unparalleled beauty; few other countertop materials can compete with the look of granite. Granite countertops are made from a natural product with a timeless look and classic appeal. In this post, we outline a few of the most common problems with granite countertops and what you can do to ensure your countertops will look great in the years to come.

Harsh Cleaning Chemicals Can Erode Sealer and Leave the Surface Susceptible to Stains

For daily cleaning, keep it simple. Soap and warm water are all you need to clean your granite countertops. If you do decide to buy or use a commercial cleaner, read the ingredients listed and pay attention to the warnings and cautions on the label. Look for cleaners designed specifically for granite countertops, free of ammonia and bleach. These specially designed cleaners might cost a little more than general cleaners but they go a long way to helping preserve your granite countertops. This is especially important for lighter color granite tops. If not properly sealed, the stone is vulnerable to stains which can be impossible to remove.

Etching from Acidic Liquids Can Dull Your Granite Countertops

Acidic solutions from daily life, like orange juice, lemon juice, wine, coffee, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, etc., when left on your granite countertops for an extended period of time can dull or even etche your countertops. Be sure to clean up spills immediately. If you do not have a 15-year sealer applied, annually resealing your granite countertops will go a long way to ensure the lasting beauty of your countertop investment.

Chips, Pits, and Fissures

As you know by now, granite is 100% natural stone pulled from the Earth. Granite does not have the completely smooth texture like that of glass, it may have slight pitting and roughness. Luckily, major chips and pits (which can normally occur during transportation and installation) can easily be fixed.

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The Christy‘s

We had our kitchen counter tops done with granite by Marble Granite World. Their estimate was very fair and with turn key installation,including sink, was unbeatable. The work done was excellent. Anise was very easy to work with and everything to do with the job was handled professionally. We are...

Elie Batouli

I built two new luxury houses on 10+acres each. My competition in the Chapel Hill area did not have granite countertops. I decided to check out Marble and Granite world for their excellent reputation, their great variety of products, knowledge, service and competitive prices. I was pleased with all the...

John & Sherry

We checked around with several Granite companies before going to Marble &Granite World. I could not have been more pleased than we were. Anise kept his appointment time with us, as another Granite company did not. He was right on time...and did an awesome job. My kitchen is beautiful..he even...

Mark Folsom

I recently had my kitchen counter tops replaced with beautiful granite by Marble Granite World. Mr Anise Hage was very professional and friendly as he handled the Laser measuring, custom cutting and installation of my counter tops. It was all done in a timely manner and I would recommend Marble...

Brenda and Jim

Had several estimates and saw some of the works by each, (seams were my main concern) and after viewing Marble Granite World was the hands down winner. All wanted to put long seams, which from their sample, one could spot from 30 feet away. Ask Anise if he could put...