Waterfall Edge Granite Countertops

The Most Desired Kitchen Upgrade for Your Fall & Holiday Entertainment

Our customers are falling head over heels for the hot new look of a waterfall edge countertop. The amazing, clean-lined look of a beautiful waterfall edge countertop provides a huge style statement and a wow factor every time you and your guests enter your kitchen.

With the fall home remodel season approaching, it's’ a great time to talk about the latest highly coveted kitchen upgrade. And since the holidays are coming soon, you’ll want to consider this clean, gorgeous look for your new kitchen upgrade.

There was a time when granite countertops covered your kitchen cabinets from edge to edge with only a slight overhang. Some countertops included a larger extension that allowed for bar-height seating and dining. Today’s dream kitchen remodels include a crisp, clean extension of your countertop all the way from edge to floor, called a waterfall edge countertop.

Waterfall edge countertops (sometimes called risers) are more than just a passing trend. This new kitchen upgrade style is here to stay. More than just an aesthetic feature, there are also several practical reasons to choose a waterfall edge countertop for your kitchen update.

  1. Waterfall edge countertops are safer for small children than traditional countertops with edges that stick out.
  2. Waterfall edge countertops create a big look in a small space.
  3. Your kitchen island, cabinets or workspace becomes a work of art.
  4. Waterfall edge countertops add balance and symmetry to your kitchen space.
  5. Waterfall edge countertops create a focal point in your kitchen.
  6. A waterfall edge island can provide a contrast to other countertop surfaces in your kitchen.
  7. Waterfall edge countertops work well with modern, contemporary, transitional, and traditional kitchens.
  8. Oversized islands with a waterfall edge increase your kitchen’s functionality and entertainment options.
  9. In a monochromatic design scheme, your waterfall edge countertop flows seamlessly to the floor tiles.
  10. Waterfall edge countertops protect from scratches, spills, and splashes.
  11. Waterfall edge countertops conceal appliances and provide a cohesive look.
  12. A waterfall edge countertop can lighten up a space with dark cabinets and flooring.
  13. Waterfall edge countertops are also a great way to show off an unusual or exotic stone.

Marble Granite World is your source for this amazing new kitchen upgrade. We provide marble, quartz, and granite countertops in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and the Triad area. And we have industry experts on hand to create this sought-after look in your home.

You can incorporate this show-stopping kitchen feature with many natural countertop materials.

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz
  • Soapstone

Your whole kitchen space will feel amazingly connected when you add a waterfall edge countertop to your kitchen upgrade. Homeowners and interior designers today are finding creative ways to incorporate a waterfall edge countertop into their kitchen décor and other spaces.

  • The edge of an island seen when entering the kitchen
  • Both ends of a kitchen island
  • Decorative cover to an exposed lower cabinet or appliance end
  • Creative side to a kitchen desk or other workspace
  • One or both ends of a bathroom countertop
  • One or more sides of a tub surround
  • And more!

Call Marble Granite World today for your Waterfall Edge Countertop or Kitchen Upgrade!

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Lynne Hammer

Using the internet, I was looking for granite to upgrade my kitchen and 2 bathrooms. I came across several granite companies in the area, including Marble Granite World. The testimonials (and ancillary pages) on its website impressed me so I decided to visit the company personally. Immediately welcomed by Anise;...

Barbara K

Moving and renovating is not an easy task. Decisions too many to name. One investment, granite counter tops is a huge decision. Our experience with Marble Granite World was terrific. From our first introduction through installation this process was unhurried, thoughtful, and our kitchen could not be more beautiful. Many...

Mark Folsom

I recently had my kitchen counter tops replaced with beautiful granite by Marble Granite World. Mr Anise Hage was very professional and friendly as he handled the Laser measuring, custom cutting and installation of my counter tops. It was all done in a timely manner and I would recommend Marble...

Brenda and Jim

Had several estimates and saw some of the works by each, (seams were my main concern) and after viewing Marble Granite World was the hands down winner. All wanted to put long seams, which from their sample, one could spot from 30 feet away. Ask Anise if he could put...

The Christy‘s

We had our kitchen counter tops done with granite by Marble Granite World. Their estimate was very fair and with turn key installation,including sink, was unbeatable. The work done was excellent. Anise was very easy to work with and everything to do with the job was handled professionally. We are...