Nature-Inspired Patterns in Granite Counter Tops

Top Granite Countertop Trends

The natural look is definitely in, and it’s not going anywhere soon! Today’s new homeowners and kitchen renovation customers are looking for a definite style: a home that combines a natural look (perhaps even rustic or industrial) with both modern style and convenience. That’s why nature-inspired patterns are topping today’s current trends in kitchen makeovers.

When you consider the latest interior design trends, the most popular home décor colors, textures, finishes, and materials are inspired by nature. Homeowners want to bring the outdoors in, during all seasons of the year. And inspiration comes from everywhere: earth, sea, and sky.

Granite Countertops Offer Luxury and Versatility

Nature-inspired granite countertops afford the ultimate look of luxury while complementing virtually any décor. Many customers lean toward granite countertops (made from igneous rock) that show movement, including pronounced veining in both darker and lighter tones. Some homeowners opt for countertops with a metallic element added in, such as sparkles or metal flakes.

Stone countertops need to be aesthetically pleasing as well as multi-functional, standing up to cooking, craft projects, homework, housework, dining, and entertaining. Today’s nature-inspired granite countertops allow the homeowner to create an upscale appearance with both a personal and unique look.

Granite Countertops – Durable Plus Easy Care

According to the 2017 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, most homeowners desire the warmth and elegance that stone (granite, marble, quartz) offers. Homeowners are attracted to both the look and feel of granite countertops as well as their easy care, durability, and maintenance. And they are willing to pay more for the look!

Here are the main reasons that customers are choosing granite countertops today.

  • Durability
  • Easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Stain resistance
  • Scratch resistance
  • Versatile
  • Design quality
  • Resistance to acids
  • Desired hardness

Plus, consumers are using granite in more than just traditional countertop applications. Customers are opting for higher-end features, such as a waterfall granite countertop, granite backsplash, or a granite feature wall (behind an open shelving display or to set apart their cook surface from the rest of the kitchen).

So, let’s put our design crew to work for you. How can we add the beautiful look of nature-inspired granite to your home?

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We had been wanting granite countertops for quite awhile. Had checked around for prices, drove past Marble Granite World one day when I was with my husband and asked him if he wanted to stop in there. Anise was there, we liked him alot from the beginning. He gave us...

The Burtons

Recently replaced my Corian countertops with granite. I researched the web, visited other suppliers read testimonials and decided to use Marble &Granite World because of the great attitude of Anise Hage. He was very helpful explaining the differences of the granite slabs,walking us through the installation process, offering suggestions and...


We just had Marble Granite World replace our laminate counter tops with beautiful, exotic granite. It feels like we have a work of art from "Mother Nature" gracing our home. It has definitely improved the value of our home and made such a difference in the feel and function of...

The Longs

Just had our kitchen countertops done in granite. The Marble Granite World crew did a wonderful job. counter tops look wonderful. can hardly see the seam in the counters and everything was done perfectly. Had read all the customer feedback before we decided to go with them and they did...

Brenda and Jim

Had several estimates and saw some of the works by each, (seams were my main concern) and after viewing Marble Granite World was the hands down winner. All wanted to put long seams, which from their sample, one could spot from 30 feet away. Ask Anise if he could put...