New Uses for Granite Granite Applications Beyond Kitchens & Bathrooms

Years ago, granite was considered a high-end option for home decor. However, both the strength and resiliency of granite has made it a traditional application in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Now, today’s consumers and homeowners are finding more creative ways to make use of granite throughout their homes and offices.

Other Uses for Granite in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Granite provides a luxury feel throughout the home. Aside from kitchen countertops, polished granite can create a beautifully styled backsplash. Granite tiles are available as small mosaic tiles at less than 1” and up to 16” or larger.

In the bathroom, granite can be used as a Jacuzzi tub surround or to frame a Roman tub. Some types of granite are also considered a highly durable surface for showers, steam showers, floors, walls, ceilings, and sinks.

Granite Table Top Applications

When it comes to granite, why stop at kitchens and bathrooms? As a durable and sturdy stone surface, granite is highly useful in a wide variety of applications. Granite provides a beautiful designer look, and it also serves as a durable work surface. Here are some new uses for granite in the home:

  • Craft tables or work surfaces
  • Coffee tables, end table tops
  • Bedroom dressers and vanity tops
  • Desk tops

Granite Fireplace Applications

The fireplace is the focal point of any room, and it’s another excellent option for the use of granite. Granite can provide a formal, polished look to your fireplace surround, using either honed or polished solid granite or granite tiles. You can surround your entire fireplace with granite, including the hearth and mantle. And you can keep the look as ornate or as simple as you’d like.

Outdoor Uses for Granite

Because of its high durability and resistance to the elements (rain, snow, hail, and sun), granite is a superb choice for use outdoors. Honed granite will require much less maintenance to preserve its look than polished granite will. Honed granite is also best applied near a pool or hot tub to provide traction and prevent slipping. Granite can be used in the following outdoor applications:

  • Outdoor kitchen surfaces
  • Outdoor fireplace surrounds
  • Outdoor paths and walkways

Granite Applications for Businesses

Granite has quickly become the item of choice when business owners decide to renovate their office spaces. And today’s business owners are finding more ways to incorporate granite applications into their office décor. Here are just some of the ways our customers are using granite in their businesses:

  • Reception desks
  • Break rooms
  • Flooring
  • Conference rooms
  • Feature walls
  • Executive offices
  • Bathrooms

Are you ready for a home or office remodel? Discover new granite applications for your home or office.

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The Longs

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Mark Folsom

I recently had my kitchen counter tops replaced with beautiful granite by Marble Granite World. Mr Anise Hage was very professional and friendly as he handled the Laser measuring, custom cutting and installation of my counter tops. It was all done in a timely manner and I would recommend Marble...

Lynne Hammer

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Moving and renovating is not an easy task. Decisions too many to name. One investment, granite counter tops is a huge decision. Our experience with Marble Granite World was terrific. From our first introduction through installation this process was unhurried, thoughtful, and our kitchen could not be more beautiful. Many...